Any FEMALE bloggers want a ‘surviving the patriarchy support’ thread?

Ah…inadequate men who hate women, who come onto female blogs, make women feel uncomfortable, and perpetuate their pathetic abuse from their computer screens, fat little chicken-tender greased hands typing out whatever comes forth from porn addled woman-hating brains. How I hate them! They are grotesque inadequate. Not even scary, just full of their own self importance, full of the joys of being male, rolling in the Patriarchy like pigs in shite, blaming their Mother, like clones of Mr. Bates in the Psycho Motel. So predictable. So fucking boring!

Don’t bother commenting. I have been polite as I need to be. I will delete, and if needs be I will report and report again.

They are not even interesting enough to think any more on.

Come to my “home” and call me a bitch all you like, I was expecting it when I started to call men on their shit. I won’t tolerate it. The abuse from the other MALE blogger got pretty bad tonight, attacking my son with libelous vicious threatening messages, and threatening me. I have done nothing wrong. He doesn’t need to read my blog. I am not his mother, that he clearly has issues with. My SON LOVES ME, and is just a kid. It is despicable. Disgusting. I reported. This kind of personality disordered individual thrives on upsetting people. I am not upset. I am laughing. Ask my friend Ruth. I find this stuff hilarious. Diddums. This is my space. I don’t hurt anyone, and some man isn’t gonna tell me what I can and can’t write about.

The internet and media made it easier for these guys to peddle their crap. Wow…today has not been a good day!

Moving onwards and upwards!

If any women bloggers want to have a surviving the patriarchy support thread, I will set up a post for that purpose. I know I can’t be the only one to receive crap! Come on Sisters, being quiet just means they have won!

8 thoughts on “Any FEMALE bloggers want a ‘surviving the patriarchy support’ thread?

    1. The Paltry Sum says:

      I would say it is huffing paint or maybe some pcp which sent this fuckhead into paroxyms of mindless violence towards a female stranger who was not approaching him and a half asian young teen. It was definitely racially motivated – what he was saying was targetting.

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