Dodgers vs Rockies…in Rockies Stadium, and can Cueto help the Giants to victory tonight?

It is baseball season, I am overjoyed that there is some ball being played, and whilst yesterday’s debacle where poor Gausman had to make do with an indecision after a 5 run lead was squandered in the 7th was a little disheartening, it was nothing on the baserunning horror that was Bellinger and Turner’s throwing away a two run homer and taking a single instead due to a baserunning error. It was all on Turner, despite it looking awful for Belli, Belli just had nowhere to go. If you haven’t seen it…here it is. Its disgusting. This was the only video I could find of it…yeah I’d try and forget that error too!

I don’t like the Dodgers any more than any other decent human being does, but hey, at least they don’t cheat, and they are always entertaining. That said, paying huge amounts of money for Trevor Bauer didn’t endear me to them any more than before. In fact it made me sad. Trev doesn’t come across very nicely – he appears to be abusively transphobic, misogynistic, and appears to be widely regarded as clubhouse poison. He also wiggles a silly stick a lot, goes on and on about the science of pitching and then proceeds to be very patchy to be kind. He won a mickey mouse Cy Young in a season that didn’t count, and boy baseball didn’t hear the last of it. I won’t say more – Trev has a nasty reputation…of well..being nasty, just ask the chick he tried to get in trouble for drinking underage! To me he smells like someone who has a Trump hat hidden in his closet. He is also cocky. His latest interview states that Trev said he isn’t nervous about pitching in his debut for the Dodgers who paid a pretty penny for him. Not at all. That doesn’t bode well. It doesn’t say he cares, and damnit fans deserve players who care. So, I have fired up the TV and we are allowed to watch the game as it is not our local team.

That local team black out, trying to force people into buying outrageously expensive packages, whilst already having mlbtv, or prime, or even Youtube tv, is an absolute travesty. I love baseball, I don’t think the MLB loves it’s loyal fans very much. It should be bestowing gifts on a pandemic beleaguered nation, not making us furtively hunt around for a stream to watch our teams that we won’t be allowed to see in person.

To put it simply, I don’t want the Dodgers to win…because of Bauer. Sorry. Go Rockies!

Turner looks happy. He shouldn’t be, after that baserunning that a little leaguer would be ashamed of!

Balls fly in Rockies Stadium, and I hope every bit of contact translates into homers against the Dodgers…

…My Giants are playing at 7pm. Full disclosure here, I am a huge fan of Tim Lincecum, to the point my son mocks me. Nothing will ever match the energy of Giants baseball in that era. I kinda hope someone brings Tim back to manage. To be frank I wish he would return as a submariner, or a junkballer, but you can’t have everything. I think Johnny Cueto has got the stuff tonight, the Boy disagrees, but I know he has got this.

I have a game to watch. The Rockies are not the same without Arenado, it is just sad they traded him.

How are your teams doing? Isn’t it good to have ball back!

7pm: Edit…Trevor is pitching a perfect game into the fourth. I feel sick. That last cutter kissed that corner. It was a thing of beauty. This might be the first could be perfect game that I’m willing to fall to pieces.

9pm: ….annnnd the nicer, better Trevor, Trevor Story got a single off Bauer. No hitter gone…Dodgers still win, but Bauer is looking pretty good. Not THAT kinda money good, but solid.

…Cueto was reliable. Nice outing. Giants win. All is well in the world. At least so I am told. I can’t damn well watch the game with my hometown team playing because MLB are baseball destroying assholes. Think of all those kids on Spring Break who couldn’t watch opening day and root for their local team, all that lost revenue, lost fans who are not going to be able to spend so much money on an overpriced TV service just to watch games, and who instead stream them or just read the news like I do.

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