Man Robbed of Pizza

In my occasional crime series, with the Citizen app providing notifications of dangerous incidents in SF, we have a pizza robbery. Man robbed of pizza. No weapons involved. Cue people wondering if the ninja mutant turtles have gone rogue. This is not to say we don’t have serious crime, but this is almost as entertaining as the Candy Cane Robbery of Christmas 2020.

I hope it had pineapple on it. Or vegan cheese. Or anchovies. Or a gluten free crust, heck even I won’t eat those things and I have celiac. I just go without and try to remember what pizza tasted like. I hope the person that lost their pizza gets some free pie to make up for the trauma.

Apparently there is also a coyote at Stow Lake Boathouse, in Golden Gate Park. I wish I was there, I love to admire coyote from a safe distance.

Janitors are protesting again, and rightly so. They are doing a dangerous job in these covid times, and deserve better healthcare and wages.

The rest of it is just sad. A couple of shootings, an indecent exposure and the usual tragedies that play themselves out across cities across the nation.

I want pizza now! I wonder if there is such a thing as a vegan gluten free pizza that actually tastes nice. If you can find such a thing anywhere, you will find it here, I guess!

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