Jinx? Anyone watching the Giants/ Mariners game?

I must learn to not say “Oh (insert pitcher name here) is doing so well! Look at…….that…

Awwww….the ball goes flying out the stadium. So I won’t say it…except…

But I feel almost ready to say…Gausman! You legend! 5-0 mid 7th inning…Posey and Gausman are working so well together. Those splitters are fire! Is anyone able to watch it? Have they pulled Gausman yet? What a joy! The Giants are hitting dingers…yeah…and sitting here in SF….we can’t watch it.

Of course the idiot MLB have blocked the Giants game in SF, at a time where we cannot go to watch it at the stadium. It seems self defeating, they want more viewers, but block the home team? It’s ridiculous!

I’m looking forwards to watching the odious Bauer get hammered in his first outing for the Dodgers (boo hiss!). He said he isn’t nervous. I guess if you lie to yourself enough….

…Edit…The eighth inning was a disaster! I told ya! Jinx!

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