In the Shadow of Basho Haiku: Living life Camping.

Sleeping in a can
The crows conspire to wake me:
Clogged claws on roof
Home is where you camp:
Canvas forest beauty scene,
Hobo-dreams afoot.
The dusk is silent
Apart from a single owl
Driving mice indoors
In the blind valley
The one eyed mouse rules supreme!
Camp stove is his throne!

11 thoughts on “In the Shadow of Basho Haiku: Living life Camping.

  1. Michelmoreorless says:

    Ah, the simple life. Basho is the best haiku poet and his travels into the far North and into the interior and so forth in Japan my favorite books. If I were younger I hit the open road and live like that. I’d be the ‘one eyed mouse’… Loved this post.

    1. The Paltry Sum says:

      I did it for over five years, some of the time in a tent, some in a camper. It is harsh, uncomfortable, dirty and you are at the mercy of the elements…that said I would not swap my on the road years for anything. I have been inside for six months, I still get excited about indoor showers and hot running water!

      1. Michelmoreorless says:

        Hot running water is nice, but I too miss my vagabond days — sleeping in the Greyhound bus station in L.A., on benches in New York’s Grand Central Station with my few belongings stashed in a locker (before they tore out all the lockers because of terrorist threats.)

      1. The Paltry Sum says:

        My sight is ruined in my left eye – partially detatched retina…Im always looking slightly the wrong way with that eye too…Sorry to hear about the war injury. Jerry was cool. Minnesotan jumping mouse…

    2. The Paltry Sum says:

      I meant to add…even though the Japan that I knew and lived in for so long, was far removed from Basho’s Japan, I still recognized it here and there. His haiku capture the spirit of Japan.

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