Nihonmachi and a Good Day.

Ok…ok…I never need encouraging to show off a bargain! Bonus why am I sushi cat….

I was too busy enjoying the warm sunny weather today to really take anything more than a few pretty pretty photos to try and capture the feel of the streets. For all the hatred towards Asians, me and the Boy feel pretty safe in Japan Town. It was bliss today! Bright sun, the blossoms just opening, and for all my hatred of fluffy and pink, it was gorgeous, it felt like hope, and I skipped around feeling full of the joys of springtime.

I didn’t go into the bookshop today, more concerned with dollar fifty cups – absolute bargain, cute little why am I sushi cats, boxes that look like books – also Daiso, for a buck and a half, ditto their washi paper in delicate sakura pink. It was the most lovely walk, full of people we know, but not really, just enough to nod to. I almost got run over…and then we came back home. Not so lovely, but lovely once we open the door to our room, everything safe and sound and the Boy makes me a cup of tea and a cucumber sandwich.

I might even show you my new cup if anyone is interested in cheap Japanese stoneware…

So happy happy, well behaved and absolutely non offensive. Normal service will be resumed shortly.

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