Lil Nas X- Montero (Call Me By Your Name): A message of solidarity

Dear Nas,

You are beautiful just the way you are. I have to admit my taste in music doesn’t usually stretch to trap, but I saw the hatred and the outrage and having been on the receiving end of tiny amounts of that today, in comparison to the huge avalanche of destructo-faux-Christian fury you have experienced, I wanted to offer a hand of friendship, and say, my Friend, I dig where you are coming from. From me, this means absolutely nothing. I am a tiny blogger, a nobody, an absolute nothing, but you actually made my crappy day a bit less awful. So thank you.

How often are people that do not fit into the average Christian paradigm subjected to this earthly judgement by white, allegedly heterosexual (yeah..kinda…how many of these pastors are caught with their pants down in motel rooms with young men on their “worship team”) men, who put themselves up there as paragons of biblical virtue? How many lives ruined? I tried to be straight for years (I’m a lesbian woman) in order to fit into society in a way that made others comfortable, whilst making myself absolutely miserable. You might as well be fucking Satan for the reaction you get from people, huh.

This is why I’ve got to the point of renouncing Christianity. I don’t feel the love, I don’t feel the acceptance, I don’t feel these people who preach are even good people themselves, and if Jesus inspires such hatred, then why on Earth is worshipping him a good thing?

In the end, to silence the criticism by embracing the things said about you, opening up the debate by going the whole way and being what they are whispering you are – wrongly, cruelly – you have been immensely brave. In fact I think you have been brave to the point of heroics. I respect you immensely, from one woman that says “fuck it! I might as well just own it and shout it from the roof tops”, to a guy who just proved himself master of his own destiny, I want give you a round of applause. A standing ovation.

Stay strong, Nas, and for what little it is worth, you have my support and respect and my gratitude. I won’t be the only one who stands here in quiet support and awe of your bravery. I hope when you are faced with the barrage of hatred, you remember the people like me, who support you, who are on your side, who have your back and will stand in steadfast solidarity.

..As for the song! Darling! Tour de force! The video looks fabulous, you are utterly fierce and gorgeous, and it is a dark, twisted roar of power and ownership. It reminds me of Kanye, but with more sparkle, less sludge, more hook.I never thought this old Velvet Underground fan would say this, but there was no way I could ignore this today. Obviously, I am not the target audience, nor was I enamored of Old Town Road – it is a great song, a movement even, just not my thing, but I hope this new track does every bit as well for you.

Best wishes


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