Wanderer in the shadow of Basho

Who anointed Basho with curses of wandering,
Who bade him lay down in fields all flowering.
Who commanded him sleep while sakura blossomed,
Who told him to wait winter out while spring it floundered?
Who gave voice to the plover, the keening of the loon?
Who invited him to stare into darkness only to find the moon?
Who saw him stand alone on the beach of Narumi,
Who drove him to the capital on roads long and snowy?
Who secured my rest, my shadow unfrozen
Who set me on horseback and undug the garden?
Who circled the hawk and laid down the lamb?
Who saved the rabbit, who can? 
Who can?


      1. Ron Pavellas

        Basho and other poets taught me to listen (as in ‘to observe, both inwardly and outwardly). I can’t find the exact words (in translation) of a Japanese poem, possible haiku, that goes something like this: “Here I am feeling sorry for my self, yet there is the moon taking me across the sky…”

  1. The Paltry Sum

    I have had a little look for Basho poems starting with ずっと (all the while )…sora (sky) and tsuki (moon)…but so far drawing a blank…Ill keep looking…Maybe not our friend Basho, I think…

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