Nice Cream and Mochi

yellow banana fruits

So, thanks to food intolerances I have not had Japanese sweets – wagashi – in years. I love mochi, the pounded rice cakes, stuffed usually with sweet red bean paste, but have not found ones that are sufficiently gluten free to risk. That is until the Boy, fired up his blender and made mochi, using a rice cooker, then stuffed them with vegan homemade ice cream, made in our tiny freezer, from frozen bananas. Apart from patting myself on the back at raising a young man who can cook, I am in love! Mochi is always lovely…but the banana vegan icecream, a project he had managed to hide from me, was sublime!

I’m not really a recipe kinda girl…but, this isn’t a recipe, and I’m reliably informed that all you need to do…freeze a banana, and blend the frozen banana with a few teaspoons of soy milk, scraping down the sides to blend completely – it thickens up due to the pectin content of the bananas, and is gorgeous! I know…I should have taken a photo, but there is only an empty bowl left at this point…

As for the mochi, whe used mochiko, Koda Farms, gluten free brand rice flour, gluten free flour, water and monkfruit extract, whisk and steam in a container in the rice cooker, roll in more rice flour mix, and stuff with the bananas. I guess he will just have to make them again, so I can take photos! Gluten free, vegan and delicious!

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