Midnight Rambler

I actually have some energy today! If the world wasn’t shut down and gone insane, I would feel like heading out to listen to some music, or have a drink in some cool downtown bar. But considering there is no social life and everything is decidedly unsafe for my unvaccinated self, there is nowhere to go out and blow off steam. I guess I’ll just have to put on some Stones, and let Mick and Keef and the boys play that white boy blues and make another cup of tea. Mick even plays some dirty harp! Keef is at his best, and we still have Mick Taylor. My favorite Stones era. Have a good Saturday evening!


  1. nickreeves

    Oh, definitely! Their untouchable, unspeakable, unbeatable, (magisterial, anyone?) best! KR has discovered country & Cooder and taken the sixth string from his plexi dropped the tuning… Him and Charlie are the coolest beings on the planet here… oh, hail, hail, sweet rnr!

    Dear MT, still so sweet and angelic bout this time. Met him in the Spanish Bar in Fitzrovia in the late 80s. He had a great big hole in the side of his face and appeared to be well over 300 years old. When he spoke I could only hear a gravelled path and his eyes betrayed something of the other side to the 25 year old me. I thought… yes, Keef has been here…
    ps: A+T=rnr x

    1. The Paltry Sum

      I didn’t think Keef lost his high e string that early – I presumed it was arthritic fingers just made it easier to forget about it…Mentioning dropped tuning is like giving a secret handshake. Charlie never seems to quite fit with the band socially from the outside looking in, choosing to stay far away from the madness that was exile in more civilized surroundings, instead of Anita and Keef and their (according to his autobiog) huge sack of smack, and the constant party that was Nellcote.
      I never had the pleasure of meeting any of the lost boys, and am quite jealous. BJ>MJ…I need tea to crack code..Im barely awake my dear boy….
      I once met a gun club member though in a dive bar waiting for my man and drinking orange juice, he insisted on buying me a vodka to put in it. Considering I was dying at the time, it was a nice gesture…he was totally charming. Blondie Rules!

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