Just Another Diamond Day

It has been just another diamond day, just another blade of grass spent wandering round Japantown with the Boy, a languid trip to a bookshop (the truly lovely Forest Books at 1748 Buchanan – see my post Zen and the artful beauty of the independent bookstore) to buy a copy of Basho, shopping for daikon and miso in Nijiya Japanese grocery store, chatting about everything from someordinarygamers Mutahar on youtube, to the parenting habits of penguins, and Heian period Japan. We walked in the sun for hours, just quietly enjoying being mom and the Boy, with nothing much to do, nothing important to say, and no huge drags on energy, nor giant hills to conquer. He carried the kabocha and I enjoyed just being with the Boy and him digging my company and various opinions on reading material. I got him a kanji workbook and he tried to buy me a cactus. It was a perfect day. A wonderful quiet, peaceful early spring San Franciscan day.

I got home and lazily opened the new book at a random page:

If only you allow me,
I will willingly wipe
Salt tears from your eyes
With these fresh leaves.

The fresh leaves of the spring, and my son’s quiet filial affection for me wiped away my tears, and for a moment I was happy.

Here is Vashti with her quiet, sparkling travelling songs to lull you to sleep with the sound of her horses’ hooves clopping against the lanes and byways of her native England. Thank you Vashti!


  1. katelon

    Sweet sharing. I love Japantown in SF. I was a single Mom, too, with an only child-son. Those were the days.

    Thanks for following my blog and leading me to yours đŸ™‚

      1. katelon

        I thought my son and I were best friends. We seemed to be throughout his childhood and into his adulthood. Then, after my Mom died, the end of my birth family, he left my life…..3 times now and he has been gone for 14 years now. I am now re-looking at the times I thought we were close and seeing the cracks. But I still love him and am glad for those experiences.

      2. The Paltry Sum

        I am so very sorry, Katelon. That sounds so painful, sweetie. I hope that he comes around and gets close to you again. Sending you much love from one mom to another.

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