A Visual Letter

Love me, San Francisco!

Ferry Building, San Francisco. The Imperial Tea Court is a really darling tea shop just at the far end, not open today, but they do really lovely teas. Their Jasmine is by far the most fragrant I have ever tasted. Also tea ware for those of you who like teapots and cute cups.
The small park in front of the Ferry Center, and view from just in front of the entrance. The green and white of the lawn pleased me. There is something chic about it. I think I’d like a teeshirt that looked exactly like that green and white and blue photo.
The privileged and the deprived sit next to each other, same spot, looking backwards and forwards up the gorgeous California and back towards civic center/Tenderloin..notice even the fucking trees have given up towards the ‘Loin (all photographs by The Paltry Sum..please do not use without permission)

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