If you don't look down in San Francisco
It can be unfortunate for you
If you don't look where you 
Are putting your foot
From time to time
Stepping into another's misfortune
Or discarded fragments
Of sin sharp and dangerous
Discarded emissions
Disregarded admissions
Of guilt or weakness
Fragility or shame
If you don't look down
You miss parts of the city
Like No Dumping
Ironed onto the sidewalk
Demanding you leave nothing 
Not a trace of your humanity
Your dirty desires
I saw this on the floor
In Chinatown
Outside a café
Sweet salty hot umami
Bags of ducks in cellophane
Pig's eyes staring
Out at me
No dumpling.
I thought it fair enough
To warn me
That no dumplings 
Were to be had
But wondered why they
Had to write it on the
Had things got so bad?
My brain poked back at me
You added something
That shouldn't be there.
When are you going home
The city seemed to ask
You don't belong here:
And I replied
Leaving fragments
Of myself as I walked
On by
Maggie's Café 
On a cold afternoon.


  1. leendadll

    No dumpling… LOL!!

    I prefer the flatware embedded in the sidewalk outside a Los Feliz cafe!

    Do you know if DEVO’s autographs (and hand prints?? I’m not sure) are still outside the Hotel Diva (440 Geary)??

      1. leendadll

        I just read that it closed on Dec 20 and is now supportive housing. The prints in the sidewalk were by the street so might still be there.

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