Lover…you should have come over…Jeff Buckley sets the mood for a good night

Goodnight from me..Lover you shoulda come over playing in the background and the end to a day that coulda gone better really. You can trust Jeff to make things feel even more nostalgic and tender than they even are, that waver in his voice and that sad whine of the guitar, and the heartfelt sadness….It really is all too late, Jeff…at least for me I guess. I hope you are all holding on out there at this end of the pandemic, I think even I might see a slither of light for us all, but I have been wrong….Tell someone you love them, tonight, it is all so fragile and transitory. Sweet dreams, maybe you will drop me a note and tell me what you have playing out this dreary Thursday night…?



  1. John Jr

    I first heard of Jeff Buckley thanks to a Duncan Sheik interview & a Pauline Croze video on a limited edition of her first album & an Imogen Heap cover of Hallelujah, I think that Grace & So Real were the first two songs of his that I heard, or at least my two favorite from the few that I got to hear.

    Thank you for sharing The Paltry Sum.

  2. John Jr

    Also, thanks for reminding me that I need to make some posts about a few of those Jeff Buckley songs that I have heard, I unfortunately deleted my old posts of them years ago.

  3. John Jr

    Sorry to keep bothering you, but I forgot to mention that it was not only a Duncan Sheik interview where I first heard the name Jeff Buckley but Duncan also made a song inspired by his death I think that was called A Body Goes Down:

    It was not until years later though that I finally listened to a few Jeff Buckley songs thanks to this part in a short Pauline Croze documentary on her limited edition of her music album Pauline Croze:

    Thanks to Pauline, I finally listened to some of his music after learning that he was an musical inspiration for two of my favorite musicians (Pauline is still my current favorite musician even though I do not know much French, and her first album is my current favorite music album since 2007), I do not know much French, but I could tell that she was talking about some of her musical influences & favorite musicians.

    1. The Paltry Sum

      You aren’t bothering me, John Jr! Jeff had a beautiful voice. He isn’t my favorite artist, but it is good chill out music. I’m going through a jazz phase right now, lots of Miles Davies, Charlie Parker and Herb. I finally managed to break through and enjoy Bitches Brew. Have a good evening, John. Im sorry if I gave you a hard time, it is difficult to hear a guy talk about rape and not feel like they quite get it.

      1. John Jr

        Hello The Paltry Sum,

        Good 😀 , I agree, and he is not my favorite musician as well.

        Cool, Miles Davis is the only one of those three that I have heard of, I need to check the other two out; there was a brief time years ago, before Fiona Apple became my favorite musician for a year or two back then, where Chet Baker was my favorite musician with me first hearing his songs Almost Blue & Autumn Leaves & My Funny Valentine & several others.

        Thank you for the apology, you had me shook there for a moment, my heart even started beating faster :D, it is good sometimes to have exchanges like that, you got to share things with me & you made an impact, which led to a positive exchange that energized me, and helped to bring back some memories & reminders; and so thank you for helping me out, I am not used to getting comments on my blog that often or responses to my comments, and so this is all a pleasant surprise. 🙂

        Not that you will like any of the songs are anything but here is the normal edition of my current favorite music album since 2007 (it lacks a few songs that the limited edition has, which is the version that I bought years ago on CD), it has stayed my favorite this long thanks to it being one of the things that helped me years ago when I was struggling with trying to transition from public school to college / youth to adulthood / depression / anxiety / suicidal thoughts / loss of my religion / et cetera & because I do not get to hear that much new music like I used to for it to have much competition 😀 :

        Have a good night

      2. The Paltry Sum

        Dear John Jr, thing is, worrying about men’s feelings when dealing with the overwhelmingly female issue of being raped, is draining and tiring. You cannot get it, and I’m glad you cannot. Men raping men is not the same thing either – still a power trip, but not the same as the rape and pillage and murder and destruction of the patriarchy as it has been wrought on women’s bodies and lives and souls. I am the victim of extreme domestic violence, I live in a shelter because of it. I had babies beaten out of me. I sit here in pain all the time, deaf in one ear, partially sighted on one side. Perhaps read my post marriage is murder and maybe we can see if we can have a mutually beneficial discussion. I worry about hurting people’s feelings because I am female, Im socialized into it, and I infuriate myself.
        I hope you find some jazz you enjoy, it is a fabulous thing, so intelligent, so vital, so inventive and intellectual. I figure I’m not really your type of person, but thank you for hearing me out with a modicum of grace. Kind Regards. TPS.

      3. John Jr

        Thank you for sharing that The Paltry Sum, that is horrible & you are correct that I can not truly understand what that is like, and I sorry that you experienced that & the negative impact that sharing this has on you.

        Thank you, you might be surprised, I get along with a lot of people, you are welcome, and thank you for the kind words.

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