The All Them Witches Time Travel Machine

KEXP radio/youtube channel have almost sole responsibility for keeping me from withdrawing into the comfortably numb confines of my usual listening habits. They found Big Thief for me, and in the suggestion box of the vagaries of the youtube algorithm, the AI made an astute leap of faith and suggested I might enjoy listening to All Them Witches, a metallic though not metal, heavy band of brothers, a drummer who has more than a passing resemblance to Animal of the Muppets, and a lead guitarist with the durtiest, fuzziest, nastiest guitar this side of the 1970s.

I know it was a few years ago, but this KEXP remains the best introduction to the band that I have yet found. This band almost wants to be The Doors, makes a swift turn into Led Zep-esque noise and fury, before deciding to temper their sound with a healthy dose of psychedellics, and heavy pagan/religioso shamistic imagery. Like all great bands they have clearly listened to the Velvets, taken note, and moved onto great things. Welcome to the All Them Witches Time Travel Machine, close the curtains, turn off netflix, and head back to the ’70s for some stoner and blues rock, and really skillful guitar-chops.

I checked out their newer work, and found they had taken a much harder, more metal turn, whilst still a great live band, no doubt should the world ever return to normal, whatever that means now, they are definitely one to go see on the festival scene, but lacked that trippy hard edged but more melodic appeal of their earlier stuff.

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