Love Decaying

You look just like a pirate, and unwilling buccaneer 
With your hat covering one eye and over one ear...
Your scars say you are a swashbuckler, baby
With your uneasy grace:
It's written in the angle of your hips
Its drawn in the lines of your face.
The dagger on your hand, your branded lucky 13
Warn off the beasts and vampires
Straining to make a scene.

I know each callus on each fingertip
I know your shattered cheekbone,
Your soft and loving lips.
I know when to duck and when to raise my head:
I know when you need me to be alive...
I know when I must play dead.

I stare into the puddles of deep and steely blue
Many have drowned there,
But I just swim on through;
And when the dark clouds descend
On your seas too wild to tame,
I shelter in the eye,
Shielded from the pain.

Your scars say you are a mercenary darling
Your blade is keen and thirsty
You talk so soft and sweet
But man, you play so sweet and dirty.
Your wear your cross in solitude
You hold your fragile peace
I came along and shattered it:
Played beauty and the beast.

So now we are both decaying
As all good heroes do
Sometimes life breaks a piece off me...
Sometimes a piece off you.

But you look just like a pirate,
An unwilling buccaneer
And with all my heart I loved you
And everything that you held dear.

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