What I didn’t know

We’d just pulled out of Salinas

The devil at our backs

Leonard was singing about his

Torn blue dirty mac

We’d had some heated argument

Bout which exit to take

And I didn’t know yet, that

Your fight club was a fake

I didn’t know

what I didn’t know

About you


We pulled onto the 101

Seemed we were much bigger

Than the road was long

And the overhang threatened to

Push us into the sea

I told you I didn’t like driving across water

And you told me you had a daughter

And were married to someone

Who wasn’t me

And I didn’t know

what I didn’t know

About you


We weren’t sure the bridge was open

But we drove onto it almost hoping

We would launch into the sea

You said you couldn’t be with me

Because I was an addict and you could see

I was going to drag you into the waves

Oh I didn’t know

I didn’t know

About you


It didn’t seem like a fair exchange

All my longing for your pain

And all my trust for each of your lies

I gave you love

You threw it back

I opened my eyes

Cut you some slack

And my affection for you grew in stony ground

But I didn’t know

oh I didn’t know

About you


A little blue house next to a satanic shrine

Slowly you put your hand in mine

And allowed yourself to trust me

I begged you to let love be

But you kept trying to set me free

And the walls kept closing in

On what I didn’t know

What I didn’t know

About you


Sometimes you don’t get a choice

I almost lost you I heard a voice

Tell me what I didn’t know

We pulled together

Torn apart

Two bodies

One bloodied heart

Forged in abject pain and misery

But we didn’t know

We didn’t know

About us


Now our love is straight and true

I know you, you know me too

We bounce across this confused land

This country wasn’t made for you or me

And this guitar won’t resurrect anarchy

But we might steal a few more days

To find what we didn’t know

What we didn’t know

About life, yet

Oh what we didnt know

What we didn’t know


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