Blacktop Rag: to Jack Kerouac

We're driving down the road again
Last bath I had was in a bucket of tears
Driving down the road again
1000 miles of blacktop
And hot chord fears
I'm driving down the road again

Strip malls, strip bars
Strip lights and railroad cars
Held together with strips of gum
And don't you think we'd better
Buy a gun?
Hey, baby, don't you think
We need a gun?

High desert, low mood
Cups of coffee and stale fast food
Headlights on, eating dust
Do what you do and do 
What you must.
Yeah, on the road
You do what you do
And you do what you must.

The signs on the road just 
Make me cross
All they do is get ya lost!
Los Gatos round-a-bout
Do the the long highway
Twist and shout
Honey, they signs on the road
Just get ya lost
All they do is make you cross.

Jack Kerouac is turning in his grave
Dean Moriarty got it made
I swear Jack Kerouac is turning in his grave
But you know old Dean, he got it made.
Walmart is an oasis in the wilderness
Middle America is in a mess
Life's disposable in a pinch
Give 'em a yard
They gonna take your last inch
You give 'em a yard, brother
They gonna take that last inch.

Underdog, underclass
Shops selling smoking glass
Everyone but me is getting high
You take your life in your hands
That's no lie
You take your life in your own
Damn hands, and that's no lie

Oxys and overdose
Methamphetamine overload
No one can breathe when 
They are on the run
You are on the road
It's not meant to be for fun.
Speed Limit's in the driving seat
He ain't got a clue
But he got some weed
Driving past Rockerville
Hooper and Mott
Playing for cheap thrills
That's all you got
Playing for cheap thills
Honey, that's all yer got

Six hours in and you're 
Begging for rain
Watch that semi
Mind that train
Six hours in and you are
Feeling the pain
We are on
The road again
Oh baby
We are on the road again!

Allen Ginsburg's persona non grata
I'm rewriting the road's magna carta
My friends are mostly dead
Or in my head
But, I can't lie
I've made my own bed
Yeah yeah yeah
I made my own bed

I never want to see that
Old Five again
Makes me come on 
Like Lenny in Mice and Men
I never need to see the Five again
Makes ya howl like a dog 
Cluck like a hen
I never need to see that
Five again
It is a road for moving
Not travelling on.

did I tell you, there's a fire in the canyon, it's been going now for weeks, there's a fire in the canyon, girl it's making strong men weep. Hey hey....put that on the radio...can't believe you lost it, who drank my coffee...which one of you drank my's Big Sky,'s that big American sky.....yeah yeah yeah..I dig it I dig it, put Whitley on the we are truckin...we are truckin'...hauling ass for the mountain pass....we will make Fargo by teatime, push on through...push on through....
We are on the road again
It is the only place I ever felt I could be.
Happy birthday, Jack Kerouac...Ill see ya down the road by and by...Ill see ya by and by

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