Second Hand Crown

You say you did some hard travellin’

But you know your streets were paved with gold

You had bells on all of your fingers

And you wore the Emperor’s clothes

You sold out while I got sold down the river

You wore it well, while I got worn down

You got the life-raft

While you watched me drown.

And your Biba hat wore you, honey

While I left with my second hand crown

And all those pale pretenders

Plotted revenge with their long knives

They stoop to pay their vain respects

But they rarely know how to play nice

With my second hand crown.

And you smiled for the camera

While I mugged it up for the fuzz

Your extensions were a substitute for your brain

And all my thoughts they got lost

Thinking about my

Second hand crown

My defenses they were paper-thin

You scratched out my eyes and drank my gin

Everyone rallied around you

While you plotted to do me in.

But you forgot, sweetheart

That I own this

Second hand crown

My second hand crown

And you pouted about something

I long since forgot

And held me up for inspection

By your fake idols and Gods

Trying to steal my

Second hand crown

My second hand crown.

So take me down to the water

And push me onto my own sword

I’ve got no reason to tell you the truth

When all I’ve got is your word

Bout this second hand crown

You’re so lame, honey

You threw away this

Second hand


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