Bars and Chains

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There's bars, bars on my windows
There's chains, chains on my doors
There's bars that spill onto streets
And chains that lead me there by the feet
Bars and chains
Bars and chains
And other people's games.

I'm chained to my emotions
I'm barred from my own head
Chains to prove my devotion
Bars to keep away the dead
Bars and chains
Bars and chains
And tears in the rain.

I'm boxed into a corner, wishing I were gone
Parallel bars to swing from
Chains that whisper
You'll miss me when I'm gone
Bars and chains
Bars and chains
And people's games

Daisy chain over reaction
Exploding bar room brawl
Ill give you an ovation
For withstanding it all
Through bars and chains
Bars and chains 
And a life untamed.

There's a light in my attic
There's a black hole eating my soul
Bars when I get too frantic
Chains to keep my whole
Bars and chains
And shame upon shame.

These chain cannot restrain me
These bars can't keep me in
These shackles they don't own me
Death brings freedom
Bars and chains
Bars and chains.

Bars and chains.
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