Two White Doves. A willing sacrifice

On the first day my love

Brought me two white doves

In a little copper cage

Two white doves

On the second day my man

Brought me a knife and a silver lampstand

And a lamb without a mark

A lamb without a mark

Oh two white doves

Two white doves

On the third day he sat

With a whetstone on his lap

And sharpened by candlelight

And sharpened by candlelight

To the song of two white doves

Two white doves

And the bleating of a lamb

But refused to stay his hand

On the fourth day to the Temple he ran

With a tear and a knife in his hand

The lamb was gone and the doves had flown

The virgin had trimmed the wick

Left with the bridgegroom and the candlestick

This bird has flown

This bird has flown

With two white doves

Two white doves

The stones will not carry themselves up the hill

And all will be healed who are ill

Set the stone for the sacrifice

Send smoke up to Heaven’s rejoice

Oh two white doves

Are not nearly enough

For the return of the perfect lamb

To the one who stayed his hand

And sang of two white doves

Two white doves.

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