Palo Rd. No. 41

We never did make it to Aurora…

Palo road, number 41

You said baby we missed the turn

It was way back there

And I said, yes, I think you’re right

Its way back there, it’s outta sight

And there ain’t no getting back to there

There ain’t no getting back to there.

And I said what should we do?

This ship is lost without a crew

And I see the rocks ahead

The storm is closing in

The wind’s picked up, those clouds look grim

And I offered up a prayer

And I offered up a prayer.

If we can drive on through, I think that’s

What we should do,

See if there’s any better weather up ahead

It’s true the eye is quiet and still

But love is such a bitter pill

To throw ourselves on the mercy of the storm

Throw ourselves on the mercy of the storm.

Palo Rd. number 41, your Captain’s calling

There’s something wrong

Breaker, breaker coming through in waves

Breaker breaker coming through in waves.

Coming past us the other way

A couple of campers and motorcyclists seemed to say

They didn’t care much about the rain

I tried to warn them, sympathize

But they told me with their eyes

They weren’t scared of the storm

No, they didn’t even see no storm

Boots of Spanish leather on an iron hill

Taconite, liquor lumber mill

That’s where buddy picked me up that day

I put myself on the side of the road

Retro longing, mother-over-load

But I couldn’t find the words to say

No, I couldn’t find much to say.

The road is blocked, no getting to the past

Time is moving far too fast

My eyes, are growing pale

Impossible longing gold rush to rust

I want it all, its much too much,

I want it all first touch to blush

I want it all Gold Rush to dust.

Highway boots, Gram’s moody suit

The Bible belt at full pelt

The towns tumble out of place

Motoring into Aberdeen

The people I’ve passed, the deals I’ve seen

Going nowhere travelling everywhere

Going nowhere seeing everywhere.

Its the end of this line, not the end of the road

I’ve heard the bell, I dont dare ask for whom it tolls

The storm is still a-closing in.

I took his hand, he took my heart

I guess that’s the way it always starts

He said every beginning is a little death

Yes every new start is like a little death.

Palo Road number 41,

Your captain’s calling there’s something wrong

Breaker Breaker coming through in waves.

Breaker Breaker coming through in waves.

We’ll do Aurora, just not today

Missed out Hibbing on the way

Highway 61 got in the way

Roll on, Palo Road.

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