A Wanderer’s Prayer

Somewhere in the Willamette Valley
On my last trip to the coast
It was me and the wailing ghost
Of all of those dreams I pushed into the sea
On my last trip to the coast.

On my last night in the woods
I got stalked by the thoughts that could
Get their teeth into me
Chase me into a tree
On my last trip to the coast.

Oh my very last kiss!
Oh what a feeling of bliss
To be love and be loved
To touch and be touched
Oh my very last kiss.

My very last shot
Line hook sinker
I was got
I made it to the end
Without waver or bend
Oh my very last shot

Oh my very last song
I knew it had gone on too long
So I gave it to you
Let you fill up your shoe
Oh my very last song.

My final mile
I reached the end with a smile
Past mountain and sea
Desert and tree
Oh my final mile!

My final prayer:
This is the last word, I swear
That you will all see
The treasure you are to me
Oh my final prayer

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