For a girl

You are like that fly
You are walking up and down
You are flying in circles
Always making the same
Same sound but
There were rules and accusations
Accidental clashes and suspicions
There were bumps in the road
Princesses kissing toads
And you, crowned, held everyone's 
attention on the floor with the
The sound of your affectations
Desperation for attention
Your tantrums and impositions
Ran circles 
Around me.

But those ever decreasing circles
They are running circles round my head
I'm gonna be turning circles
Till the day that I am 

Now you, you are like this string
Wound taut but made to sing
I see beauty in your mind
To you these circles
Are gold rings
My tears are yours to mine.
The failures and substitutions
For comfort and illusions
You move
You're mine
You cry
I pine
Painting white on white
As I drink my wine.
And those every decreasing circles
I see running round your head
I fear I'll be
Turning in your circles
Until long after your death.

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