La Pine

La Pine in the camper
On the banks of La Pine
Where the Snake River winds
Around my neck
Run away from the snow
You can't it's everywhere
You go
It falls on my head.
Woodland creatures hitchhiking
Jerry's dead no looking
In the valley of the blind
The one eyed mouse is King.
Dust and burrs and old pine trees
Their rocks exposed fall to my knees
And close my eyes.
Mortal wounds still bleeding
This time I fear there's no healing
It's too ugly here and bare.
Throw another log on the fire
Is it comfort or my funeral pyre?
Who can tell the difference
Any how?
Its all for one and once for all
I see the light at the end of your hall
But you don't believe in me
Any more.
The wilderness suits me fine
I'm not the type to drown in wine
Or pine for Egyptian sheets.
It much too late to make hay
But why give up the harvest we have
Or is it too hard to enjoy?
On the banks of La Pine
I'm pining in La Pine

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