The Song of a Bad Daughter

The harvest was done
And the threshing room was full
And he sorted the wheat from the
Chaff in the mill
And by the light of the lamp he
Worked through the night
Until a stranger walked in and said
"Do you know how to fight?"
And when that stranger comes knocking
Do you know what to say?
Will you say you are a simple man?
Or will there be blood shed in the day?

He was moving stones in the yellow sunlight
Sand and suffering
Slavery and plight
Building homes for the dead
From his blood and sweat
While the counter did sums
And the women made bread.
The stranger tapped on his shoulder
Said do you know who I AM
When that stranger comes knocking
Will you answer the door?
Will you say you are a simple man?
Or will you ask for more?

The woman she stood over the well
The fruits of her labor did scream and yell
Swaddled in rags, hungry and lame
She yelled to the clouds
For someone to blame.
A stranger stayed her hand
"Are you looking for me?"
I've comfort and succor
Or a millstone and the sea.
And when that stranger comes knocking
Asking your name?
Will you bow your head?
Or will you add to your shame?

Will you recognize the music
When it plays the right song?
Will you follow the flute
Will you know you belong?
Will you raise a shelter?
Will you stay your hand?
Will you listen to the right stranger?
Will you know God from Man?

The poet sat scribbling
The words in his head
Shouts of joy from the fields
Lamentations for the Dead
His Kingdom was suffering
Under the sword and the flail
His people were shouting
This is like Jonah and the whale!
He had one request
To look upon the face
Of the one he knew
Was the vessel of grace
I cannot show you all you desire
But I hear your sighs
And I'll lend you a choir.
And when I ask you
To follow my desires
Will you be faithful
Or will you force it to the wire?

She painted her eyes
She painted her face
She braided her hair
She put on her lace.
She looked out the window
And liked what she saw.
When she heard a knock on her chamber door
A voice called out to her..
Do you know who I AM
She declared she only listened
to Kings, and he was clearly
A simple man.
As she went flying
Fed to the dogs
She finally knew the difference
Between Man and God.

Will you drive like Jehu?
Will you answer the call?
Will you hide like Jonah?
Will you be left for the wild dogs to maul?
Will you cover your hair
Or will you bathe on the roof?
Will you be pleasing to the Lord
Or be trod under the hoof?

In the Garden of Statues
Man worshipped Men's awards.
They made idols to fame
Made lip service to the Lord.
And when that stone starts a talking
When sand and clay mimic 
Signs of life
Will you bow down and worship the beast?
Or offer your neck to the knife?
Will you choose Salvation
Even if you starve?
Will you go into the desert
Will you wait for the Lord?
Will you desire the trappings 
Of earthly life?
Will you have the faith of Jacob?
Will you choose the Bridegroom
Who comes in the night?
Will you trust the Lord for water?
Will you trust Him over the fates?
Will you raise your hands up
Or wait for him to open up the gate?

The Lord opened a window
So that I might see
The farmer in the threshing room
He said
Stranger, you are not looking for me.
I am a simple man
And I see who you are
I desire only peace
But I'm

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