Never/For/Ever or how to mourn the living

In the picture you hid is a farm and a kid

A time and a place you could fall into

And inside the hall

Is a mirror on the wall

That’s recorded ev’ry fall

And seen ev’ry time you got on your knees in vain


In time

This time

And out in the back lives a radio in a shack

Whose unhearing ear has heard every fear

And replayed every time

In song and in rhyme

Each ditch and each sign

Along the byways and roads of your sad disgrace

Never/ For/ Ever

In time

This time

And over there by the bed

Boots stolen from the dead

Whose tongues do not tell

Yet ring clear like a bell

Consigned to their fate

Past love and through hate

A thirst that’s unslaked

They know each misstep much better than you do

Never/ For/ Ever

In time

This time

In a room kept for best is a clock on a chest

Whose twisted idle hands have taken the man

Each tick and each tock

Is breaking the lock

Never to slip or to stop

You tried to leave early but now you are

Forced to be late


In time

This time

Stuck into the floor is a knife for sure

Sharped with the tears of many wasted years

Dug between the blades of backs and tirades

Shoulders blame, memory fades

Chose not to make the cut

Sewed your mouth



In time

This time

In fields all around are cows and dead clowns

Zappa swinging from a tree

It’s ancient history

Iron ore in the ground

Planted never found

They make not a sound

A stitch in time

Nothing can hurt you now


In time

This time

And behind barricades

Lock and stock blockades

Suspicion carved out in stone

Light’s on, no one’s home

Thunderbird on ice

Don’t flinch or think twice

You discovered the price


You were






Never/For/Ever in time

This time.

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