Tell Tale Heart

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Tell tale heart don’t you

Tell your tales on me

Don’t you see

How it would all fall apart

So don’t start

My tell tale heart

Hand of glory take your

Hangman’s grip off me

Don’t you see

You can’t curse me

You were beaten to the start

By that bad old tell tale heart

My tell tale heart.

Third eye blind, send me a sign

Got those crossroads on my mind

Got a soul to keep but the cuts are deep

Carved by that tell tale heart.

I ain’t got the stomach for it but I know

There’s only one way to go

To the heart of the matter, the torn and the tattered

My enemy inside which tears me apart

My tell tale heart

You can put away your hoodoo dreams

Sew that voodoo doll up at the seams

You’ll never hurt me like I hurt myself

Me and my tell tale heart

Left up on the shelf

My tell tale heart

So strap me to the heart attack machine

Pull out your deck and crown me queen

My heart disowns me as it gains pace

Pulling me out of the human race

Heart don’t tell no more tales on me

Heartless I’m free!

It beats in me no more

Sits bleeding, begging outside your door

My tell tale heart in me no more

You can keep all your bleeding heart bonanzas

Your lily livered stanzas

Your tender hearted kisses

Your big hearted misses

I’d rather pass time together with me

Big old bad old cold old betrayer

My tell tale heart

Together from the start

My tell tale heart

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